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Fall Newsletter 2020

Oct 4, 2020

A message from Lexie ...

I hope this newsletter finds you well-refreshed after summer vacation. Certainly summer in these COVID times was different than previous years, but it’s always nice to get out of town and beat the Parisian heat. Here's what I've been up to post-confinement and also what's to come!

A Voice Actress in Paris...

As well as being a professional singer, I also really enjoy making my living doing "voice work," which is a good thing since "live" concerts were few and far-between this spring/summer. I’m currently thrilled to be voicing characters for two cartoon series in English, "Tara Duncan" and "Lupin’s Tales." I also embarked on a new adventure of adapting the text and voicing the narration for a 12-part documentary series on the wetlands of Thailand. If you're in the US or Canada, listen out for my voice in a web commercial for Michelin CrossClimate2 tires!

If you’re interested in my voice work, check out my profile here

New Albums, Coming Soon!

1) For those of you who have followed my "Saturday Sessions"project with British singer-songwriter Rhoderic Land on YouTube, you’ll be happy to know that is coming along nicely and we hope to release our first album of sixties covers in the coming year.

If you want to be a "cool cat" and get "hip to our jive" you can "dig " us here 

2) Another post-confinement project this spring involved recording a new jazz-pop album, lead by Bernard Gallone, musical director for the orchestre du Moulin Rouge, where (in non-COVID times) it is a dream-come-true to sing for the dinner show before the revue, Féerie.

We had a lot of fun choosing and arranging an ecclectic selection of tunes from the 40s-80s, as well as one of my original compositions! I feel very lucky and inspired to work with such talented, creative and fun musicians : Sébastien Lovato on piano, Bernard Gallone on bass and Ichiro Onoe on drums. Stay tuned for more info…

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New Website!

Those of you who aren’t on social media might not know that this is my brand new website created by the ever-talented Bivins Brothers, with some new photographs by Greg Gonzalez and Abdou Benjabe. I absolutely love it, so thank you for being here to check it out!

Spectacles à venir!

Après le succès de leur spectacle "Christmas Cheer : la Magie de Noël," rencontrez vos "Belles de Noël," comme vous ne les avez jamais vues dans “Swing for Victory”  Les Jingle Belles interprètent les plus grands succès des Andrews Sisters. Une soirée totalement Made in USA autour de la nostalgie de l’époque du “Big Band” des années30/40s et qui rendent hommage à nos vétérans passés et présents! Le 6 octobre 2020 Plus d'info

Broadway, Ensemble présente "Radio Broadway Célèbre Hollywood!" Rejoignez nos auditeurs du studio. Cinq chanteurs américains expatriés et trois jazzmen français passent à l’antenne pour un programme des plus belles mélodies de comédie musicale sur le grand écran. Le 13 & 14 novembre 2020 Plus d'info

Le trio vocal Heure Bleue réunit les talents de trois chanteuses Kate Combault, Elisa Doughty, Lexie Kendrick, et le pianiste-arrangeur Kevin Amos.  Leur répertoire est un savant brassage de divers genres musicaux.  Des airs de Bizet, Vian, Viardot, McCartney, Rossini, Polnareff, entre autres, fusionnent et s'entrelacent. 
Avec un plateau nu et un piano pour seul décor, les codes du concert classique sont néanmoins bousculés par la mise en scène d’Édouard Signolet et les lumières de
Pascal Noël.  Tour à tour les chanteuses prennent la parole en français et en anglais, provoquant un effet dépaysant assuré.  Heure Bleue conquit les spectateurs par la beauté, l'humour et l'élégance de leur prestation.
Le 23 octobre 2020 Plus de dates & info

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